Anonymous Abuse Hosting + AntiDDoS


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Jun 20, 2018
Anonymous Abuse Hosting + AntiDDoS

porn hosting (adult hosting)

pharmacy, online casino without a license
hosting movies, torrent tracker
hacked nulled scripts

and much more.

Storing all correspondence only on your own mail server in private DS in Switzerland (No gmail listened!).

Automatic removal of personal correspondence with you after 30 days.
Automatic deletion of access data to your account immediately after the mandrel.
Absence of logs.
Free openvpn everyone.
We do not issue customer data because we have nothing to fear - we are an offshore company registered far from European and Western abusers.

Main features of our hosting

Depending on the chosen tariff on a hosting it is possible to place different content. All complaints about the content we do not banned, we ignore and do not bother the owner of the hosting account for these issues.

The NL-AntiDMCA does not ignore complaints from the local organization: BREIN. If there are complaints from this or other influential LOCAL organization, we will offer to remove the controversial content or transfer it to hosting in another country where this organization does not have the force, or you can take the money and leave us if it does not suit you.

On the UA-AntiDMCA, incoming spam is allowed (it is possible to place domains promoted by spam from other servers), but only with mandatory purchase of a dedicated IP for your site and without serious complaints from spamhaus! For complaints from spamhaus an instant lock.

About the installed software: all necessary software is installed on the hosting servers; modules curl, zend, ioncube and so on. Also available for selection are all known versions of PHP starting with php 5.2. In the hosting panel, you can change the PHP versions, modules, as well as most of the php.ini variables.

Free SSL from let's encrypt is available in the hosting management panel. Connection is only 2 clicks.

Anonymous Abuse Hosting
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